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Integrated Apps vs Best of Breed

March 25, 20241 min read

How to HOOK up all your different systems...

Many folks struggle with connecting all their various systems from SaaS to Excel to Paper... With multiple options in each finding a place that has everything in one could be the way of the future...

Integrated Apps vs Best of Breed

I have finally decided to write down my thoughts on how INTEGRATED APPS compare with BEST of BREED APPS

WHAT are you talking about Steve... well it's like this, many many software companies are building very vertical functioning products today. These apps focus on ONE particular requirement of a company... For example Quoting or Scheduling or Invoicing.

They will also provide an API (Application Programming Interface) which allows some form of integration. The challenge is that these apps don't always provide access to all the data in a system. It also means you need a developer team to integrate the apps.

Integrated apps however take a different approach, the features for a specific module like quoting or scheduling are not quite as good as the best of breed apps but there is NO integration work required, aggregated time savings quickly make up for any small reduction in functionality or ease of use.

One system for your team to learn, not multiple setups every-time someone leaves or starts.

Don't write off the huge benefits of an integrated solution...

Founder of www.scaflog.com

Steve Shepherd

Founder of www.scaflog.com

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