Steve Shepherd formed 100Rails in 2013 and bootstrapped development for 6 years, working into the construction niche because of the vast digital divide that existed for many companies...

Now the company has a platform with over 20 modules that allow a sub contractor to use one system plus and accounting system to run their businesses, totally integrated...

WHO LEADS the Company

Steve Shepherd - Founder and CEO

Steve has been developing software since 1988 with several past successful projects.

He founded this business and is the lead software architect. He brings business knowledge, practical skills, and industry insights to his role in leading the company forwards.

Rick Teal - Chairman

Rick has experience in growing technology based businesses and brings a set of skills that help guide towards growth and success.

Ian Smith - Director

Ian is a valuable asset in the team with a wealth of knowledge and experience that allow the business to find solutions and overcome obstacles quickly.

Suite 5042, 17b Farnham, Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand

(+64) (0) 94701480

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